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Headcoach junior Lions en Consultions Senior Lions vertrekt
Ingevoerd door: Karl   Datum : 15-02-2007 19:59
Commentaren:   Beoordelingen:
De Headcoach van de selectie van de Junior Lions van welke in 2006 hebben gespeeld in Denemarken en Finland heeft een baan aangeboden gekregen als coach in Kansas, waardoor wij jammer genoeg afscheid hebben moeten nemen van een gewaardeerde medewerker Nationale Teams, een fantastische speler, en iemand die het voltallige management Nationale teams trots is een vriend te noemen.

Bijgaand een persdoonlijke boodschap van Ezlie:

Hi everyone , to the Management , Coaches and Players . It was a great pleasure to be a part of the Dutch Football Federation . It was a pleasure to have worked with such good people . I really enjoyed my time spent in Holland . I would like to say to the management keep working on what your goals are . Patience will conquer any set backs and complications . Keep working and do it together , a group will allways be stonger than an individual when it comes to acheivement.

To the Coaches do not be afraid to stand up . Make sure that you actions speaks louder than your words . Work to get better and not be be different , you will only be good when you can understand eachother and not when all have to understand one individual. Communication is the only element that will mold you together and make you a better group . Discuss your problem as a group and solve them immediatley . Eleminate bad apples anyone or anythings that is a distraction thats a bad apple . I have faith in you no doubt . You guys are capitable of doing a good job stay together .

To my players , Guys Im really going to miss all of you . I would love to still be their lighting that fire that makes you burn . What ever happens i know now that you understand what it takes to be a good football player now . Take that and use it do not let it go to waist. Sucess can only be if you continue to work hard and believe in what you are being taught and most of all believe in yourself. Stay focused in all that you do . My message to you was allways football was just like life . Every time you step out that door some one was trying to get the same thing you wanted . Thats why you have to fight every day . No matter what it is, some one will allways be their to try to get what you are trying to get . Attitude , Determination , Desire , and most important of all Will do not stop untill you have acheived what you are trying to get . And as our motto is and all ways will be .NEVER DIE EASY !


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